Personal Skills

  • Attentive, takes onboard instructions whether in training or in fixtures
  • Self Motivated, looks to work hard in sessions and away from them
  • Looks to ask relevant questions, take their learning and try to implement it
  • Be a positive teammate and help develop other players with constructive feedback
  • Uphold our values on and off the pitch
  • Take personal responsibility for preparation for fixtures and training and not rely on their parents or make excuses for poor preparation on their part
  • Give every situation 100% effort, reflect honestly and review with the view to improving and learning from what we do well as much as what we could do differently to progress



  • Able to judge length and move forward, or back appropriately and effectively
  • Ability to recognise balls which can be attacked and which need to be defended
  • Ability to play both straight and cross bat shots at appropriate times
  • Play with an intent to score
  • Able to adapt to different surfaces and conditions of the match situation
  • Adapt to different situations and roles and deal with variations in pace, spin and angles
  • Hit boundaries all around the ground and manipulate the ball into space to rotate strike
  • Bat for long periods

Spin Bowling

  • Bowl with a strong, safe and repeatable action
  • Ability to deceive the batsman by delivering variations of spin, flight, pace and angles, with control
  • Execute plans to build pressure and take wickets
  • Spin the ball hard and at the correct pace to create: drop, drift, turn and bounce
  • Bowl with control and accuracy - line and length to a suitable plan

Pace Bowling

  • Bowl with a strong, safe and repeatable action
  • Bowl with control, pace and accuracy a stock ball and to a suitable plan
  • Develop variations (Angles, pace, variations) and plan for the use of them
  • Execute plans to build pressure and take wickets
  • Adapt to different game scenarios, roles, surfaces and conditions


  • Throw safely with speed and accuracy from a range of distances and angles
  • Catch reliably with the ability to convert extraordinary chances
  • Create chances through anticipation and movement
  • Safely defend space within the inner and outer ring
  • Create pressure as part of the fielding unit by attacking the ball and communicating well

Wicket Keepers

  • Catch reliably from bowlers and fielders
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods of time and energise the fielders
  • Convert chances into caught behinds, stumpings and run outs
  • Hold strong posture when standing up and back from the stumps
  • Fulfil a major role in the batting order